Cycling Deal fixie/track frame TF-56W — Project Beetlejuice

Project Beetlejuice now has a frame — a 56 cm track/fixie frame from Cycling Deal. Follow the build progress here. The challenge with this build is going to be to not overcapitalise the frame. While it is tempting to up-spec various parts, this is still going to be a budget build.

Boxed Cycling Deal fixie/track frame TF-56W

Boxed Cycling Deal fixie/track frame TF-56W

Cycling Deal fixie/track frame TF-56W

Cycling Deal fixie/track frame TF-56W

I met up with four guys riding fixie bikes around the Brisbane River Loop on the weekend. Two of the fours guys were riding these track/fixie frames from Cycling Deal. They were very happy with the frames, although one guy had needed a shim to make the seat post fit.

The 56 cm frame/fork/headset was advertised as being 2.4 kg; by my kitchen scales, the frame is 1752 grams and forks are 882 grams — a total of 2.634 kg. That is a bare weight without the seat post or headset supplied with the frame. I also have not cut the steerer tube yet.

The frame and forks were well packaged in plastic bags and bubble wrap. The welding is ugly in places — this is a cheap frame and I guess that is the price you pay.

There are several old posts on the internet where people have had to use shims to get the seat post to fit correctly. I had hoped that this problem may have been fixed with later model frames, but on first inspection this does not appear to be the case. I will look at this more closely when I actually go to build the bike. Update: it looks like the seat post does fit correctly in my frame without needing a shim.

For more information on this bike, explore here and here.

3 thoughts on “Cycling Deal fixie/track frame TF-56W — Project Beetlejuice

  1. Cyvult

    So? how goes the Beetlejuice project??

    I’m eager to know the results because I mean to purchase that frame too…


  2. Rex Post author

    Sorry Cyvult, I purchased a Wabi Classic over Christmas and have lost interest in the Project Beetlejuice build for the time being.

    What I can say is that fitting the headset was a beast of a job. It seems that the headset bearings have been painted, meaning that they were too large to be pressed into the hole. I ended up having to file the paint off one of the bearings to make it fit. Both bearings are still not seated properly, but will need to spend some time to sort it out.

    For the time being, the very nice Wabi steel frame is consuming my interest.



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