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Visiting Hastings Street and Noosa Beach

If you are wanting a change of scenery while staying at Aqua Marine Hastings Street at Noosa is only 20 minutes drive from Boreen Point. While we love Lake Cootharaba, we also like to visit Noosa … in small doses. It can be quite jarring going from the peace and tranquility of Boreen Point to the hustle and bustle of Hastings Street at Noosa!

We used to try to get into Noosa for a morning swim before the heat got too much. Unfortunately, it seems that everyone else had the same idea with parking hard to find, and Hastings Street and Noosa Beach far too crowded for our liking.

We have discovered that it is far better to head into Hastings Street in the late afternoon. The morning crowd are leaving so parking spots are readily available, even during school holidays. Crowds are also less in Hastings Street and on Noosa Beach. We like to walk the street, have a swim, follow up with some fish and chips on the beach as the sun sets, and an ice cream to finish off before heading back to the lake.

Sun setting on Noosa Beach

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Mt Cooroora Hiking Trail

We were staying at Aqua Marine and the weather was not very good for sailing, so we decided to explore the Mt Cooroora Hiking Trail near Pomona.

Getting there

Head south on Reserve Street (the main street that runs north-south through Pomona). After the shops, take the first right into School Street, which turns into Hospital Street. Then turn left into Mountain Street until you see the Mt Cooroora Cark Park signs. The walking trail begins there.

Mt Cooroora Hiking Trail

Mt Cooroora Hiking Trail sign

Mt Cooroora Track climbing risk sign

The sign says to stay on the track and that serious injury or death may result from leaving the track. The track is not recommended for the physically unfit, infants and toddlers, unsupervised children and night climbing.

We were pretty confident that a 1.5 km walk would not take us two hours. We figured that we were young and fit — well, my daughters anyway. By the time we enjoyed the view at the top, the return walk really did take two hours!

The Mt Cooroora Hiking Trail begins with a relatively easy bush walk for the first 15 minutes — this is where the trail starts to head upwards

As the trail climbs, the views become spectacular

Sometimes the Mt Cooroora Hiking Trail requires scrabbling over rocks

The view from the top of Mt Cooroora is spectacular

The views at the top of Mt Cooroora are well worth the effort

Fires Once Burning

Fires Once Burning is an artwork that was part of the Floating Land Festival 2015. It now appears to be a permanent artwork on Boreen Parade (near the corner of the Esplanade) at Boreen Point.

Fires Once Burning is a symbolic artwork to reflect the indigenous campfires that once burned around Lake Cootharaba and the Eternal Flame of the Lake.”




Children’s playground at Boreen Point

Several children’s play areas are located at Boreen Point. The following play area is my children’s favourite and is located on the Esplanade near the Boreen Point Campground. Follow the signs towards the camping ground and you can not miss the playground. The playground area is a day use area and no camping is permitted (camping is only permitted in the camping ground itself).

Boreen Point playground