Just your regular sailing dinghy in the dining room — nothing to look at here!

I purchased this wooden Sabre (1638) sailing dinghy in Toowoomba and brought in back to our house in Brisbane. I needed to store it out of the weather for a few weeks before taking it up to our shack at Boreen Point. No, I did not store it in the dining room!

The dining room was a temporary resting place — my daughters helped me pick up the Sabre hull and carry it on its side through the front door. We rested in the dining room before picking up the boat again and carrying it over the kitchen bench and out the back door onto the back deck where it would be protected from the weather. That is the great thing about Sabres — with a minimum hull weight of only 41 kg, they are very easy to pick up and move around!

Sabre 1636 sailing dinghy in our dining room

Sabre 1636 sailing dinghy in our dining room

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