Water — just in case

The Courier-Mail is currently reporting, “250,000 people in Brisbane face the threat of no water overnight because of the earlier shut down of the Mt Crosby Water treatment plant.”

Just in case, I have pulled out the camping gear again to store some water — 2 x 20 litre tubs should be enough drinking water for a couple of days.


While I do not want to sound smug, my observation is that people who camp — and therefore have ready access to camping gear — generally tend to do better in natural disasters than those who do not. Things like ice boxes, gas stoves, lanterns, jerry cans, even solar panels and generators come in very handy when there is no electricity or other utilities.

In the last few days I have used our camp mattresses, ice box, dual fuel lanterns, torches and now our water jerry cans. The moral of the story — get out and camp more often!!

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