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I was enjoying the benefits of having broadband via the NBN Fixed Wireless network at Aqua Marine today — Wi-Fi to the laptop allowing me to work on the front deck while enjoying the view.

As an Optus customer, I was also able to use the Optus Wi-Fi Talk app to make and receive phone calls via Wi-Fi. Mobile phone coverage is very limited at Boreen Point, including at Aqua Marine, but the Wi-Fi Talk app gave me a phone signal via the internet.


Free Wi-Fi via the NBN Fixed Wireless network is provided for guests staying at Aqua Marine.

If you are an Optus customer, you may be able to use the Optus Wi-Fi Talk app to provide a mobile phone signal inside the property using Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, there is a known bug with the Optus Wi-Fi Talk app which reports the following message: “ERROR It seems you are trying to connect via a blocked Wi-Fi hotspot. If you are within Australia and using Wi-Fi please contact Optus technical support on 131 344. Note that Wi-Fi Talk cannot be used outside Australia.” This bug is not limited to the Aqua Marine Wi-Fi — apparently Optus are working on a general fix.

I have often been able to get around the bug by turning off the Wi-Fi on my phone, starting the Wi-Fi Talk app, and then enabling Wi-Fi while keeping the Wi-Fi Talk app running in the foreground (swipe down from the top of the screen on Android phones). Once running, the Wi-Fi Talk app seems to be stable while being kept in the foreground, even if the lock screen activates.

Alternatively, you may be able to use other phone and messaging apps that communicate via the internet such as Whats App, Skype or iMessage (iPhone).

Aqua Marine is available for holiday rental through Boreen Point Real Estate.

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