Front of Aqua Marine

When we purchased Aqua Marine, it was badly overgrown. We have removed most of the plants, including two massive African Tulip trees at the back of the property — African Tulips are classified as a Class 3 declared pest plant in Queensland.

We have begun the process of landscaping Aqua Marine, with a line of Dianella Brevipedunculata (Flax Lilly) at the front of the property. Flax Lilly are a clumping grass-like plant to 1 metre. They have small blue flowers in tangled spikes within the foliage in spring followed by dark blue fruits.

At the back of Aqua Marine, we have planted some Lomandra Hystrix (Mat Rush) around the grey water outlet. Mat Rush grow in clumps to 1 metre. They are hardy and adaptable, suit wet or dry areas, such as creek/dam stabilisation or as a garden feature, and will have pale yellow perfumed flower spikes.

We will eventually landscape the entire property, but a fence is a more important priority hence the orange surveying pegs in the photo.


Aqua Marine is available for holiday rental through Boreen Point Real Estate.

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