Pelicans at Aqua Marine

We crossed Urunga Parade directly in front of Aqua Marine to feed the ducks. Instead of feeding ducks, 15 pelicans swooped in!

Pelicans in front of Aqua Marine

While we often get ducks across the road from Aqua Marine, usually the pelicans stay around the boat ramp (about 50 m from Aqua Marine) to chase any tasty morsels thrown away by the fishermen using the boat ramp.

Feeding ducks as the sun sets over Lake Cootharaba

One of the joys of Aqua Marine is just spending time doing the simple things in life, like feeding ducks as the sun sets over Lake Cootharaba.

My daughters feeding ducks as the sun sets over Lake Cootharaba

The photo was taken near the Boreen Point boat ramp — about 50 metres from Aqua Marine. Normally there are pelicans here, but not on this day.

If you are feeding the ducks, then remember that bread is ‘junk food’ for ducks. We tried feeding them healthier food, like fresh corn, but the ducks did not seem to like it. We reverted to giving them bread, but only in small quantities.

Aqua Marine is available for holiday rental through Boreen Point Real Estate.

New at Aqua Marine

Every time we stay at Aqua Marine, we try to do one or two things to improve the property. This weekend it was time to change some of the items hanging on the walls.

Given the pelicans that can be regularly seen at the local boat ramp across the road from Aqua Marine, we thought this pelican print was appropriate

We framed a Camtas Boating and Recreational Guide map of the Noosa River and Lakes (including Lake Cootharaba) and hung it on the wall of Aqua Marine for reference by guests

A shack by the lake would not be complete without a thermometer / barometer / hygrometer hanging by the front door

Mt Cooroora Hiking Trail

We were staying at Aqua Marine and the weather was not very good for sailing, so we decided to explore the Mt Cooroora Hiking Trail near Pomona.

Getting there

Head south on Reserve Street (the main street that runs north-south through Pomona). After the shops, take the first right into School Street, which turns into Hospital Street. Then turn left into Mountain Street until you see the Mt Cooroora Cark Park signs. The walking trail begins there.

Mt Cooroora Hiking Trail

Mt Cooroora Hiking Trail sign

Mt Cooroora Track climbing risk sign

The sign says to stay on the track and that serious injury or death may result from leaving the track. The track is not recommended for the physically unfit, infants and toddlers, unsupervised children and night climbing.

We were pretty confident that a 1.5 km walk would not take us two hours. We figured that we were young and fit — well, my daughters anyway. By the time we enjoyed the view at the top, the return walk really did take two hours!

The Mt Cooroora Hiking Trail begins with a relatively easy bush walk for the first 15 minutes — this is where the trail starts to head upwards

As the trail climbs, the views become spectacular

Sometimes the Mt Cooroora Hiking Trail requires scrabbling over rocks

The view from the top of Mt Cooroora is spectacular

The views at the top of Mt Cooroora are well worth the effort

Aqua Marine garden

We are progressively planting out the garden at Aqua MarineWhen we purchased Aqua Marine, it was badly overgrown. We removed most of the plants and are progressively replanting the garden with local native plants. 

In June 2016 we planted Flax Lilly (Dianella Brevipedunculata) at the front of the property and Mat Rush (Lomandra Hystrix) around the grey water outlet.

We have now planted Mat Rush (Lomandra Longifolia) along the front fence, around the water tank and in the back corner of the garden. We have also planted two Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia Citriodora) at the top of the backyard and three Grevillea ‘Moonlight’ (Grevillea Whiteana) near the water tank.

The plants have been selected from Noosa Shire Council‘s list of plant species (Noosa Planning Scheme Policy  3 — Landscaping Plants and Guidelines) to try to maintain the environmental values of the area.

Mat Rush (Lomandra Longfolia) along the front fence

Grevillea ‘Moonlight’ (Grevillea whiteana) near the water tank

Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) in the back garden