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Playing with sailing dinghies at Aqua Marine

After a very windy and wet Easter, I finally managed to get a few boats out for a play on Lake Cootharaba with my daughters. From left to right, the boats are: Sabot (3905), Sabre (1920 but with a spare sail on — 991)), Sabre (1638 — not rigged) and Minnow (1022). Both Sabres are wooden boats and always get attention when they are on the beach.

Playing with sailing dinghies at Aqua Marine

Playing with sailing dinghies at Aqua Marine

Visiting Hastings Street and Noosa Beach

If you are wanting a change of scenery while staying at Aqua Marine Hastings Street at Noosa is only 20 minutes drive from Boreen Point. While we love Lake Cootharaba, we also like to visit Noosa … in small doses. It can be quite jarring going from the peace and tranquility of Boreen Point to the hustle and bustle of Hastings Street at Noosa!

We used to try to get into Noosa for a morning swim before the heat got too much. Unfortunately, it seems that everyone else had the same idea with parking hard to find, and Hastings Street and Noosa Beach far too crowded for our liking.

We have discovered that it is far better to head into Hastings Street in the late afternoon. The morning crowd are leaving so parking spots are readily available, even during school holidays. Crowds are also less in Hastings Street and on Noosa Beach. We like to walk the street, have a swim, follow up with some fish and chips on the beach as the sun sets, and an ice cream to finish off before heading back to the lake.

Sun setting on Noosa Beach

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Just your regular sailing dinghy in the dining room — nothing to look at here!

I purchased this wooden Sabre (1638) sailing dinghy in Toowoomba and brought in back to our house in Brisbane. I needed to store it out of the weather for a few weeks before taking it up to our shack at Boreen Point. No, I did not store it in the dining room!

The dining room was a temporary resting place — my daughters helped me pick up the Sabre hull and carry it on its side through the front door. We rested in the dining room before picking up the boat again and carrying it over the kitchen bench and out the back door onto the back deck where it would be protected from the weather. That is the great thing about Sabres — with a minimum hull weight of only 41 kg, they are very easy to pick up and move around!

Sabre 1636 sailing dinghy in our dining room

Sabre 1636 sailing dinghy in our dining room

Playing with boats on the front lawn of Aqua Marine

I went up to Lake Cootharaba to do some maintenance work around Aqua Marine. The magic winter weather enticed me to pull some of the boats out on the front lawn to do some work on them too. Unfortunately, there was not enough wind to go sailing though.

Playing with boats by Lake Cootharaba at Boreen Point

Learning to sail on Lake Cootharaba

Both my daughters have been participating in the Learn to Sail program at the Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club on Sunday mornings. Practice makes perfect, so I try to take my girls sailing when the weather is suitable.

Today was a perfect day for teaching my daughters to sail on Lake Cootharaba. Just little cats whispers of wind across the lake. There was enough wind to sail; but not enough wind to scare them. This was the middle of winter, so both girls are wearing wet suits.

We launched our Sabot and Minnow at the little beach about 70 metres from the front of Aqua Marine.

Learning to sail on Lake Cootharaba