Visiting Hastings Street and Noosa Beach

If you are wanting a change of scenery while staying at Aqua Marine,  Hastings Street at Noosa is only 20 minutes drive from Boreen Point. While we love Lake Cootharaba, we also like to visit Noosa … in small doses. It can be quite jarring going from the peace and tranquility of Boreen Point to the hustle and bustle of Hastings Street at Noosa!

We used to try to get into Noosa for a morning swim before the heat got too much. Unfortunately, it seems that everyone else had the same idea with parking hard to find, and Hastings Street and Noosa Beach far too crowded for our liking.

We have discovered that it is far better to head into Hastings Street in the late afternoon. The morning crowd are leaving so parking spots are readily available, even during school holidays. Crowds are also less in Hastings Street and on Noosa Beach. We like to walk the street, have a swim, follow up with some fish and chips on the beach as the sun sets, and an ice cream to finish off before heading back to the lake.

Sun setting on Noosa Beach

38th NACRA National Championships 

The 38th NACRA National Championships were held from 30 December 2016 to 6 January 2017 at the Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club. Aqua Marine was booked for the regatta, but I took a couple of photos of boats on Main Beach that arrived early.

Early arrivals for the 38th NACRA National Championships

Early arrivals for the 38th NACRA National Championships

Park Ranger at Lake Cootharaba

One of the joys of Aqua Marine is sitting on the front deck and watching the myriad of boat craft launching from the boat ramp 50 metres down Urunga Parade.

A couple of times I had noticed a very large aluminium power boat being launched. On closer inspection, it turned out to be the Park Rangers’ boat. Presumably they were heading up to the northern end of the Noosa River to check camping permits and activities in the Great Sandy National Park, Cooloola Recreation Area and Noosa Everglades.

Park Ranger boat launching at Boreen Point boat ramp

Park Ranger vehicle parked at Boreen Point boat ramp

Our sailing fleet

Lake Cootharaba provides some of the best flat water sailing conditions in the world. Many guests of Aqua Marine stay at Boreen Point to attend sailing regattas held by Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club.

At the time of the photo, our own sailing fleet consisted of a Minnow, Sabot, MG14 and 125 sailing dinghy. The 125 required work to get it back on the water and a few days after this photo was taken, I gave the 125 to a local resident who was going to repair the boat and get it sailing again.

Our sailing fleet

Please note that these boats are not available for use of guests staying at Aqua Marine.

Yes! Coles delivers to Boreen Point

Now that the local café no longer sells a small range of general groceries, the nearest grocery stores to Boreen Point are the Woolworths at Tewantin or the IGA at Pomona, both about 15 minutes drive from Aqua Marine.

We now pre-order our groceries from Coles, timing them to arrive shortly after we arrive for a holiday at Aqua Marine. Simple!

If you want to place a Coles order while staying at Aqua Marine, the property provides free Wi-Fi to guests, but you will need to bring your own laptop/tablet.

Coles delivery truck at Boreen Point (the Boreen Point boat ramp and Lake Cootharaba are in the background)